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CanDo Pools Inc. has been in the pool service industry for eight years and offers weekly pool service in Palm Beach County Florida. We know the saying is a bit cliché, but there is no pool too big or too small for CanDo Pools. We have accounts as small as once-a-week service on a hot tub, all the way up to three times-a-week service on commercial Olympic-sized lap pools. Whatever your pool needs, we are here for you! Give us a call we would be more than happy to come out and give you a free estimate.

Servicing Palm Beach county, Florida.

(561) 350-0649

CanDo Pools is here to make sure you have the very best pool experience possible! From your pool’s equipment all the way to its water chemistry, we’re here to make sure all you need to worry about is making time to swim!
CanDo Pools Inc. wants to be your reliable source for all things “pool”, whether you’re online reading one of our articles or you’ve hired us to maintain your pool. You can expect honest, reasonable, and reliable service. With CanDo Pools on the job you can expect your pool to be in pristine condition. In the event repairs are needed, be assured it will be resolved in a timely and professional manner.
We promise to help you achieve the very best pool experience possible!

Perfect pool chemistry!

Pool Perfect Chemicals

Recent Articles

Repairing the Weir Door (Skimmer Door)

Here’s a little trick for all you out there who have a skimmer door (also known as a weir door) that no longer floats. Most of the time the reason […]


Changing out a pool time clock.

So your pool pump isn’t turning on by itself, but when you flip the switch in the timer box the pump does turn on. There are a few reasons why […]


Recent Videos

Acid Wash

Here's our video of an acid wash we did on a pool in Delray Beach, FL.

It’s a twelve minute video taking you through the steps from start to finish on how we acid wash a pool.

Hope you all enjoy!

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While out on one of our routes!

Sandhill Crane Mates

I came across this pair of Sandhill cranes today, they were surprisingly friendly, they came within four or five feet of me.


Davy Jones’ locker is one lizard short today.

Davy Jones’ locker is one lizard short today.


Nesting Dove

I came across a nesting dove today, I hope we don’t have any hurricanes this year as her nest placement defiantly lacked foresight when it comes to hurricane season.


Flamingo metal art in old Florida colors

I came across this flamingo metal art in old Florida colors. It brought back memories of South Florida when everything was pink and teal.