Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

Welcome to, the main purpose for this site is to help you, the home owner. From chemicals to equipment CanDo Pools is here to try and give you a better understanding of your pool. Everyone typically has their own way of doing things which you will come to find, is fine when it comes to your pool, just as long as you follow a few simple guidelines and safety procedures, you really can’t get too far off track.

About Richard Coulson

Richard Coulson is the President of CanDo Pools Inc. where he manages a skilled team of swimming pool technicians and contractors. He is also in charge of creating a viable web presence for the company.
Life is short enjoy it while you can!

Sandhill Crane Mates

I came across this pair of Sandhill cranes today, they were surprisingly friendly, they came within four or five feet of me.

Davy Jones’ locker is one lizard short today.

Davy Jones’ locker is one lizard short today.

Nesting Dove

I came across a nesting dove today, I hope we don’t have any hurricanes this year as her nest placement defiantly lacked foresight when it comes to hurricane season.

Flamingo metal art in old Florida colors

I came across this flamingo metal art in old Florida colors. It brought back memories of South Florida when everything was pink and teal.

Happy Independence Day!

Had a great Independence Day with family and friends, I hope every one out there did as well!!

Put the lime in the coconut!

I found this today and it had to be a post!

Put The Lime In The Coconut – Harry Nilsson
Great Song!

Laden Mango Tree

I wish my Mango tree was this big!

Spot-breasted Oriole

I came across some really cool birds today; The Spot-breasted Oriole which was originally introduced to southern Florida in the late 1940s, it’s a native of southern Mexico and Central America. You can now find the bird in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Cuban Knight Anole Lizard

Today as I was walking up to one of my customer’s houses I ran into a Cuban Knight Anole Lizard! He was pretty cool, pretty much just wanted to get away from me. I found out later that if you try to catch it or make it feel generally threatened it will try to bite […]

Bachelor Party @ J and S Fish Camp

Had a great weekend celebrating my buddy’s bachelor party at J and S Fish Camp on Lake Okeechobee! Took a pontoon boat out and did a little bass fishing, hung out in the tavern afterwards, and passed out in one of their cabins at the end of the night. We got a late start Monday, […]