Repairing the Weir Door (Skimmer Door)

Here’s a little trick for all you out there who have a skimmer door (also known as a weir door) that no longer floats. Most of the time the reason that the door no longer floats is that the piece of Styrofoam that acts as a float in the door has worn away and fallen […]

Changing out a pool time clock.

So your pool pump isn’t turning on by itself, but when you flip the switch in the timer box the pump does turn on. There are a few reasons why this could be happening. The first reason is that the on pin is not tight and is sliding around the timer face. If this is […]

Bubbles in the Hot Tub

Foam or soapy bubbles normally occur for one of two reasons: Either there is something in the water that shouldn’t be there or the water chemistry is off.
Let’s look at the first possibility: soap bubbles. There are a few ways soap can get into your hot tub: Swim wear that was not thoroughly rinsed in […]

Your pool heat pump will not work when the temperature drops below 50 deg.

Pool heat Pumps are electric pool heaters that use the atmosphere to help it heat the pool; it works much the same way as your air conditioner except in reverse. The heat generated, by compressing the Freon and blowing it through an orifice valve, is transferred to the water in the heat exchanger. On the […]

Bad Weather Man!

Well in my last post I mentioned that the weather report said we would not be going below 60 degrees in the next ten days… Well here we are in the 40s… LOL Bad Weather Man! Winter finally came to Florida, enjoy it while it’s here, I think we have about 24 hours left… lol

Happy New Year!

Well it’s the first of the year, fourteen years after Y2K, and two years after the end of the world, and we’re all still here and your pool still needs to be taken care of! Happy New Year everybody! This will be a shorter post but I wanted to make sure to get something out […]